Why can’t we enjoy strawberries all year round?

People love Strawberries and so do we! Fear not because we have a recipe that you can make whenever you want, even during wintertime. Our beloved strawberry cookies are the most perfect companion for tea time or picnics. Their flavor is simply the richest and decadent, using only natural strawberry flavor from dried strawberries. The exciting part is their pink color, super cute right?

Let’s get bakin’

For the cookies you need

120 g butter

80 g powdered sugar

180 g all purpose flour

10 g dried strawberries (not the freeze-dried) + more for the inside of your cookie

80 g finely chopped almonds (like powder)

20 g freeze-dried strawberries

30 g powdered sugar

How to make them

Mix the butter with sugar until combined and fluffy. In a food processor, whisk the dried strawberries until they become a paste. Add that to your mixture. Lastly, slowly add the flour and the chopped almonds. For the last step, you’ll need to use your hands to combine the ingredients well together. Wrap your dough with cling film and let it rest in the fridge until it becomes firm enough. Roll small bite-size balls and put a whole dry strawberry on the inside.

Let them rest in the fridge until it’s bake time! Bake them for 15 minutes at 170C oven. Let them cool completely.

For the lovely pink sugar-coating, we used the dried strawberries from a Kellogg’s box with corn flakes and strawberry bits. So separate the dried strawberries from the corn flakes and in a food processor, add the powdered sugar with the strawberries, and beat well. Roll your cookies in the PINK! powder and they’re ready!

Strawberry Cookie cut in half

Did you make this recipe?

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Good Luck!