We don’t know about you but a cold lemon mousse can be the ultimate ending to a meal or the perfect snack on a hot summer afternoon! This rich, silky mousse brightened with tangy lemons makes an elegant addition to your recipe repertoire, making us overly excited to share it with you!

The scent of lemon, fresh, clean, and delicious always makes dessert ten times more appealing to us. Nothing compares to baking (or at this instance, whipping) with lemons. There’s something positive in their taste and the summer memories it brings to us.

Light, easy, and elegant, the perfect dessert for summer!

If you’re looking for a light, easy, and elegant make-ahead dessert for summer, this lemon mousse might just be what you’re looking for! You can make this a day ahead and then just whip it out of the fridge when it’s time for a little sweetness at the end of your meal.

It’s great for company too, since everyone gets their own little individual serving. And it’s all done in advance!

So when it’s hot out and you don’t want a rich or heavy dessert, take advantage of this light, airy, and tangy lemon mousse instead!  And of course, it is also perfect for a weekend treat! We made these just a few days ago and we’re already dreaming about when we’ll be able to make them again!

We topped them with a slice of sugared lemon, to add a little bit of texture and a fun little twist!

For the mousse you need

250 g white couverture, finely chopped

300 g cream with 35% -36% fat, beaten in the mixer until thick like yogurt

1 lemon, the zest (whole)

How to make the Lemon Mousse

Melt the chocolate in a stainless steel bowl placed on a pot with boiling water. Leave it to cool and when its temperature drops to 38°-40°C, incorporate the thick cream and the lemon zest. Please be careful when mixing so as not to curdle. To avoid that, mix with gentle, circular motions, preferably with a flexible silicone spatula. Pipe your mousse in glasses and put them in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours before serving.

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